Business FAQs


Who do you provide loans to?

We provide loans to UK corporate SMEs who have been operating for 2 years or more and can provide security.

What loan types do you support?

We support the following loan purposes:

  • Working capital
  • Stock/equipment/property purchase
  • Acquisition finance including MBO/MBls
  • Refinancing/restructuring
What is your minimum loan size?

Loans start from £250,000 (£1m for MBOs/MBIs/acquisitions)

What security do you require?

For a limited company, the minimum security expected is a 1st ranking debenture. A debenture creates fixed and floating charges over the present and future assets of the borrowing company. Additional security may be taken in the form of a specific charge over assets such as freehold and leasehold property, a chattels mortgage may also be provided in respect of specific items of plant and machinery.

The debenture is legally binding and is registered at Companies House, as is a chattels mortgage and certain specific charges. Where appropriate specific charges are also registered at the Land Registry.

Where a company is part of a group, we will also take cross guarantees from the associated companies, often supported by a debenture over the guaranteeing company.

Please note that should any legal charges or guarantees be taken we reserve the right to insist on independent legal advice being given to the individuals pledging the security.

Do you require personal guarantees?

Any additional guarantees are considered on a case by case basis.


What fees do you charge?

There are a few fees attributed to arranging a loan through us. 

Upfront fees

Arrangement fee
Non-underwritten loans – Typically 1.5% (plus VAT)
Underwritten loans – Typically 2.5% (plus VAT)
Introducer/Partner fee – as agreed directly with the Introducer/Partner

Legal fees
Based upon the complexity of the transaction.


Ongoing fees

All ongoing fees are incorporated into the agreed interest rate.

Platform fee
1% to 4% pa
This fee relates to ongoing administration, monitoring and risk management. Rate dependent on risk profile.
Underwriter's ongoing fee
Where a loan is underwritten it will be subject to an ongoing fee of 0.5% pa which is payable to the underwriter.

Note: The Platform fee and Underwriter's ongoing fee may vary according to the risk profile of the loan and will be agreed with the Borrower on a case by case basis.


Applying for a loan

What information do I have to provide?

Initially we just require you to fill out our simple application form. We believe in a more human approach to evaluating businesses, therefore a ThinCats representative will contact you to take you through the next steps and what supporting information will be required.

Can any company representative apply for a loan?

All loan applications must be made by an authorised officer of the business.

Repaying the loan

How do you calculate loan repayments?

The amount of the fixed monthly repayments depends upon the repayment type, the amount borrowed, the rate of interest and the loan term. 

Can I repay the loan early?

Yes, you can and there are normally no penalties or additional costs for early repayment of the loan. The exception to this being if your agreement stipulates that the loan will run for a minimum number of terms. If you choose to break the agreement there will be a penalty and you will have to pay all due interest up to the minimum term.

What happens if I’m late or think I will be late in making a repayment?

If you think you may be late with a payment or are experiencing financial difficulties then speak to us directly on 01530 444040 at the earliest possible opportunity.

How do I make repayments?

All loan payments are made via a direct debit from your designated business current account.

The funding process

What information will be available to investors?

The investors will have access to the full Information Pack along with supporting information that is provided to the platform. This may include information (but not limited to) such as: – Financial Accounts, Forecasts, Valuations, Business Plans etc.

This information can be accessed by anyone who is a registered member on our platform. 

Can I answer questions from investors?

Questions are usually answered by a member of staff on behalf of businesses, but if you want to interact with investors directly there is a Q&A facility for every loan listed.

Property Finance

What types of property finance do you support?

We are able to support residential and commercial investments and developments.

Who can apply for Property Finance?

We work with existing and experienced developers and investors with a proven track record.

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